What is Holistic Hypnotherapy

What is Holistic Hypnotherapy

What are we referring to when we describe Holistic Hypnotherapy?


Today’s life can be hectic and stressful and with the addition of the constraints and concerns Covid-19 has added, it is very common for people to experience episodes of stress, anxiety or even panic attacks. As well as the affect this can have on our mental health, prolonged episodes of stress or anxiety can cause imbalances in our physical bodies.


Physical discomforts, habits or behaviours are often the result of stress and anxiety, sometimes things we aren’t even consciously aware of. Treating a stiff neck with massage feels good and will release the muscular tension, but often the problem will come back because the underlying issue in the mind has not been resolved. This could be work stress or perhaps an unresolved disagreement with another person.


Jaw pain caused by teeth grinding (bruxism) or jaw clenching can be helped with a dental teeth shield but until the underlying stress has been dealt with, the teeth grinding and/or jaw clenching will continue. The symptom has found a solution but the underlying issue continues. 


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be helped with careful diet and medication but dealing with the underlying stress that is thought to be responsible for IBS symptoms will help the body come back into balance. The NHS in their NICE  guidelines are suggesting GPS refer their patients with IBS to hypnotherapists .


By treating holistically, taking into account the way the mind works and learning how to deal with life’s stressors, the body and mind come back into balance providing long term release from physical discomforts, habits and behaviours. 


Jo, owner of Hitchin Holistic Hypnotherapy, has been working with clients for over 15 years, helping them achieve this balance of mind and body. Using hypnotherapy and other supportive holistic techniques such as reflexology, Arvigo Therapy (maya abdominal massage) and Reiki, she works with her clients to bring their minds and body back in balance. Clients experience a more relaxed, calm life, are able to deal with stress and anxiety more effectively, and ultimately get relief from their physical symptoms.


Hypnotherapy starts from just £60 per session. If you would like to understand more with a free telephone consultation, get in touch here: 



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