Weight management- Step away from the endless cycle of fad diets and make changes for good.

Weight management- Step away from the endless cycle of fad diets and make changes for good.


It seems that no matter where you go or who you speak to, from celebrities to your next door neighbour, everyone has put on a bit of weight this year which is being dubbed “lock-down weight”.

Many of us have a desire to eat more healthily and live in a leaner body. Even though this is something we consciously want, our sub-conscious minds often have other ideas because they act from a place of limiting beliefs, learned behaviours and negative habits.

Language may also have a part to play, if we say we want to “lose weight” or talk about “weight loss”, to our subconscious mind, it may argue that we don’t want to “lose” things, so can create a barrier.

Many of us spend our lives wishing to make changes to our body shape , to be leaner, thinner or fitter, drifting from fad diet to fad diet with short term losses before ultimately falling back into the same learned behaviours as before but what if there was another way?

A way to bypass the conscious brain and connect to the subconscious and help change these negative thought patterns, thus releasing us from our history of difficulty in maintaining a more healthy lifestyle, enabling us to approach our new way of living in a happy and positive way helping you make life long changes, with no fad diets in sight.

With a holistic approach to hypnotherapy this is all possible. Taking into account the way the mind works and learning how to deal with life’s stressors, the body and mind come back into balance and a more healthy lifestyle becomes more achievable.

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