Sustained Weight Loss


At the Hitchin Hypnotherapy Practice I specialise in sustained WEIGHT LOSS by promoting a healthy relationship with food and eating, drinking and exercise.  If you are fed up with dieting and want to lose weight, once and for all, and keep it off, you may benefit from a different approach...


The first step on this journey is to STOP dieting, so you can build a healthy natural relationship with food again.


Imagine how good it feels to finally break the 'on a diet' / 'off a diet' cycle, and TRUST yourself with food.  Imagine what it's like to eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full.  To walk past the cake section in the the supermarket and not feel deprived, to make a cup of tea and not reach for the biscuit tin, to know there's chocolate available but choose NOT to eat it, to know there's crisps in the kitchen cupboard but not be tempted to reach for them.... just imagine. 


Imagine how good it will be to look forward to eating colourful, fresh, healthy natural foods and take your time enjoying everything you eat.  To feel satisfied after eating the nutritious meals which you have prepared and enjoyed like a gourmet.  To be in control of what you eat and when. To choose to replace coffees and teas and soft drinks with a glass of water.  To crave fresh colourful wholesome foods.  No more fixating about food, no more guilt, no more calorie counting, and definitely no more habitual use of the bathroom scales!

Why Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss?


In answer to the question, "have you noticed any changes since your hypnotherapy for weight management and positivity", this is the answer I received....


                      "Massive changes thank you. All my choices have been healthy so far and I've run twice since last week. I went for dinner with my sister last night and had a chicken salad and watched her eat chocolate cake - just didn't want any !


Not only that but I feel so much more positive than I have felt in weeks. I'm focused and just feel happier in general. Any anxieties I had have totally left me and I feel more confident in my decisions.


I can't thank you enough, I think maybe your a secret fairy or something that has worked her magic.  I can't believe what an hour difference has made."


If you’ve tried every diet available, and still can’t sustain a healthy weight over time, you may have considered surgery, but found the risks and the costs involved alarming.

Hypnotherapy uses the power of your subconscious mind to help you achieve the control over food, your weight and well-being that you need to live a healthier and happier life. It enables an altered state of awareness in which you can access deeper levels of consciousness and positive messages can be suggested to that part of your mind that governs emotions, feelings, memories, impulses and urges.

I offer a highly personalised service because everyone is different, and a tailored session is required to meet individual needs.  You will start to lose weight naturally, without dieting, and become healthier and more in control of your own choices.

The sessions are usually 1 or 2 weeks apart and I can provide you with a recording of your personalised hypnosis which means that you can continue to practice at home.


Hypnosis really can help you take control of your own mind, remove bad habits, establish a healthy relationship with food, and lose and sustain a healthy weight.  Here is an excerpt from a client's update email:


                     "I am actually thinking differently.  Not dieting just making good choices but not feeling deprived because I’m having what I want, I just think twice before deciding what to eat. And there’s no negative thoughts which I now notice I used get when I was trying to be "good". 


Also bizarrely, enjoying the hungry feeling!  or rather ...coping with it better than before.  I used to feel hard done by if I was hungry and always had something in my bag to eat like a weight watchers choc bar.  Now that I’m having 3 normal meals (normal as in not calorie counted) I’m not really needing anything in between. 


Have to stop myself counting calories but I’m loving that freedom...."

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

  • Individual consultation about your weight loss or healthy eating goals
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy is often preceded by some Inner Family Systems / Parts Integration Therapy to establish and integrate any part(s) of your personality that may otherwise sabotage success.
  • Identification of any unhelpful habits and feelings and beliefs that have stopped you achieving your goals in the past
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy to help you remove your bad habits with regards over-eating, eating unhealthy foods and snacking, lack of motivation to exercise etc., and establish a healthy relationship with food going forward. 
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping can be used effectively to help remove bad habits, self-limiting beliefs and addiction.  This includes food or eating addictions e.g. Chocolate, biscuits, cake, or a general addiction to eating when bored, sad, stressed and so on. It can be very useful to use with clients who are trying to lose weight. 
  • EMDR for de-sensitisation of any memories connected to your belief systems about your body, food and eating. 

Need an individual consultation?

Everyone is uniquely individual as are their needs to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.  You are recommended to contact me for a free consultation over the telephone after which there is no obligation to proceed with therapy. 


Contact Karen Kelsey on


07805 792191 


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