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I have recently started to ask clients to review their therapy on-line using yell.com.  Here's the link for those of you who would like to read these reviews or provide a review of your therapy....




The testimonials below provide no reference to the clients' names, towns, or age, in order to completely protect their identity and respect their rights to confidentiality.




 "I have not been to the pub or infact even thought of going to the pub.  I have started training a lot more.  Just with 2 weeks off the booze, I've noticed a massive difference both financially and with my health.  I am so happy I came to see you and would definitely recommend you should anyone ever ask".




"I'm absolutely delighted to say that your therapy did the trick!! I had been feeling nervous in the days leading up to the wedding & particularly in the morning but when I got my dress on & was fully ready I felt an inner calm come across me. As I walked down the aisle with my Dad I was able to enjoy the moment & as I got to the front and saw Simon I felt an inner confidence & control come across me (that I'd never felt before) & I knew I could do it. I got all my vows right word for word & was really able to enjoy the moment. No panics at all. I really can't thank you enough for the help you gave me which allowed me to be at my best & enjoy every minute my special day."




"I cannot thank you enough for literally changing my life, from the moment we met, I knew I'd made the right decision in contacting you desperate for help! You welcomed me into your beautiful home, and straight away felt extremely comfortable with you and so easy to talk to, you took the time to find out the problem, no judging, just happy to talk. The techniques you use are without doubt amazing, and the relaxation techniques I didn't realise it was possible to relax that much, and I still use the techniques today, and have recommended to others.  You really are a kind hearted, warm, generous person and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, as I said literally life changing!  I highly recommend you Karen, and will always remember what you did, that's how good your therapy is! Thank you just doesn't seem enough, and I promise you, I will be back to see you!!"




"The hypnosis must have worked because immediately after and ever since I have been very productive.  I'm using my planner every day, when I wasn't using it at all before, done loads of gardening, doing DIY around the house and getting things done quicker for the business, been going to the gym 4-5 times a week..."




"Karen has been such a massive support for me and I would never have been able to look at life in the way she has taught me through our therapy.  I have never felt so comfortable and free to talk about the many things in my life that resulted in me getting to the situation I was in".




"It's been good thanks Karen. Not a smoke in sight and the cravings have been limited.  I'll keep you posted, but so far so good!!"


"All good, no cigarettes or gum.  Feeling less of an urge now as well! Quietly confident"....."All still good, think we've cracked it! Thank you"...."All still good thanks.  Don't really miss it".


"Sound as a pound thanks Karen haven't thought about it at all"...."Still not smoking going really well.  I've recommended you to a few people I know who want to quit smoking or drinking.  What you have done is amazing.  Thank you ever so much".


"On Sunday a friend came round (a smoker); I couldn’t sit with him, as the smell makes me 'gag'.  He teased me a bit, but have to be honest, really can’t stand the smell. People walk past and I find myself struggling to catch my breath.  When I get bored, or on the odd occasion the feeling comes on, I use the tapping on my karate! Works wonders.  Had a glass of wine Sunday night, and it tasted delicious, like I had never had it before.  Always have a bottle of water next to me.  Changed my routine as well - when I get up in the morning, it used to be a race between me and the dog who could get outside first, now I'm in the slow lane.  Circulation in my feet seems to be loads better too, always had cold feet!  Can’t thank you enough really….”




"Six months ago I was a middle aged family man having found himself suddenly signed off work with depression.  Karen's style is honest and direct and her genuine desire and passion for helping people is quite unique.  Five sessions later I find I am back on my feet with a renewed confidence and starting on a new business idea.  I certainly wouldn't hesitate to work with Karen again as I feel that I have gained a trusted mentor".




"Thanks for everything Karen,, I came to you at my very worst and you always made me feel comfortable to talk. I always felt that you "got me" which is what made it possible to connect. You have helped me discover the root causes of my issues and I have always looked forward to our sessions. I always come away with a clearer mind. When you asked me at our last session if I was ready to stop our sessions, those were happy tears.  I didn't really know if I would ever be right again, and when you asked me I knew deep down that I will be well again.  That was one of nicest feelings I have ever felt and I will remember it for the rest of my life. The level of emotional pain I have been through the past year has been intolerable for long spells at a time. I've been moping around at 40 percent or less so I'm looking forward to see what I can do nearer to 90 / 100.  Good luck with every aspect of your life and continue doing the amazing job you do."




"I had suffered with emetophobia for around 15 years and had tried everything to get over it. Exposure therapy helped a little but I still panicked. Then I found Karen we started with hypnotherapy and scrambling to get me over my panic attacks and one session of scrambling cured my panic attacks - they had gone I could not believe it. We then used hypnotherapy and the Sedona method to let go of the phobia to get me ready for EMDR. EMDR is quite intense but Karen replaced the feelings of fear with feelings of being safe and the next day I was cured... I am still getting used to life without it but I am so happy I can now live a free and happy life. Karen is a very understanding therapist and very supportive...when I had a blip I could 'phone or text Karen just to have a chat 'till I saw her next. I cannot recommend Karen enough.. she is an amazing lady and I am so happy to be rid of the monster I had in my head".




"Karen made me feel at ease straight away; I felt comfortable talking to her and I immediately felt receptive to everything.  I can't thank her enough for helping me at a very dark time". 




“Really enjoyed the therapy and hopefully won’t need to use it again, but if I did I wouldn’t go anywhere else”.  




"Just wanted to let you know I have been symptom free since I last saw you....I can't put into words how grateful I am to you. My life is so much more enjoyable as a result of your work." 




"I came to Karen because my self-esteem and personal confidence were low and I wasn't very happy with myself and my life.  She was very understanding and supportive and we built up a good relationship - I felt I could tell her anything.  So we started going back through my life to identify what had happened to me to make me so lacking in confidence and have such poor self-belief.  We identified two main events and some smaller ones.  Karen put me into a lovely relaxing hypnotic state called a trance, which is a great experience for anyone who hasn't had it before.  Over a few sessions together, we visited the significant events in my childhood and adolescence and with her help I was able to understand what happened to me in a different way and to remove the hurt and the anger.  She is a coach as well and was able to help me with perspective and to go forward with my life in a positive way.  I feel so much better about myself and have a greater feeling of contentment.  I would recommend Karen and her practice to anyone who wants to be happier and not be held back by their past".




"I have found that since my very first session of Hypnosis my approach to food has changed greatly.  My once need for cake everyday has gone.   My portion control is now amazing.  Presentation of my meals has now taken over from the volume of food on my plate. Being hypnotized was amazing - there was a time that I thought it was just ‘poppycock’ i.e.  Stuff you see on magic shows.  But, it actually works.  The subliminal messages really do sink in.  As for my weight loss, I’ve managed to maintain all my weight loss after "Coach Me Well". I personally urge people to try hypnosis – for me my weight loss continues and I am not putting any back on.  It is not a quick weight loss fad like dieting but it’s a maintained life style solution.  No more losing a stone one month then putting on two stones the following months."




"Since our session I felt lots of mixed feelings. Unsure whether it had any affect and I felt quite low after and the following day.  However yesterday started to relax more and it is strange but when (woman's name) has crossed my mind it doesn't seem intense like it used to and I shrug it off.  So I feel that it has reduced the intensity and importance I used to feel." 




Fantastic! Instant perfect results!! Miracle in behaviour change!!! I now only experience frustration as mild irritation and certainly not anger."

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