Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy 


This therapy can be used to improve relationships between couples and within families as well as resolve internal issues within individuals.  


IFS is based on the premis that our psyche is made up of many PARTS or sub-personalities and each part has its own perspective, beliefs, feelings, memories, goals and motivations.  For example, you may recognise the Inner Critic, the Abandoned Child, the Shamed Child, the People-Pleaser, the Angry part....  


All parts have motivations - everthing they do is for a reason.  This provides an understandable rationale for our behaviours, our beliefs, feelings and our attitudes.  Each part exists with a positive intention at the point of creation.  It's possible through IFS to get to know these parts and develop an understanding relationship with them, and help them heal in the present by rescuing them in the past when they first came into creation. They don't have to act at odds with our 'SELF', our intentions, our values and goals and we can feel balanced and integrated.  


Sometimes you may experience yourself in a fragmented or disconnected state which can make you feel - not whole or not real, a shadow of your former self, in bits, or all over the place.  It's reassuring to know that with IFS there is a real possibility for integration into the SELF.   We do this by welcoming all our parts with curiosity and compassion.  


First we identify the PROTECTORS, those parts that protect us, help us to function in the world, in our lives.  Their main function is to protect us from the PAIN OF EXILES, the young (often shamed) child parts of us that hold the pain of our past.  They are exiled, kept out of consciousness by protectors.


The key to healing is the SELF - the true self, the spiritual centre which is naturally compassionate and curious and wants to connect and understand and can love and heal each part within us.  


So the goal of IFS is to unburden each part so that it has a healthy role and for each of our parts to trust the SELF to lead. 


I believe this holistic and spiritual therapy to be truly powerful, healing and empowering, and many clients to whom I've introduced this approach, have been delighted by the internal changes they themselves have facilitated. 




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