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In order to address a particular health and well-being issue or resolve a long-standing emotional, psychological or physical problem, can require professional expertise.  Clinical Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly recognised as an effective treatment for many physical and emotional problems, including by many mainstream medical professionals. 


If the problem you are experiencing isn't reflected in the list on the Home Page, I can generally help because of my focus on the cause of the problem rather than merely the symptoms you are experiencing. Using Regression to Cause under hypnosis, and EMDR to process negative feelings and beliefs embedded in memories, allows the cause of the problems to be understood, and therefore work can begin on processing these memories and arriving at a more positive feeling and belief system.


Please feel free to call to talk about your problem, which is free of charge and there's no obligation to proceed with therapy.  If your problem is outside my sphere of expertise, experience or competence, I will refer you to another recommended therapist.


Visit the link below for more information about IBS and how CBT, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy can help sufferers.

Do you suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

I have had great success in the treatment of IBS.  Some of my clients have not just experienced a reduction in IBS episodes but had NO IBS SYMPTOMS at all, and reported significant and life-changing reductions in feelings of anxiety.  IBS (to my mind) is a symptom of negative feelings and beliefs about yourself, others, and the world at large.  By working with your memories, feelings and beliefs, this enables us to find a possible cure for your symptoms, rather than simply managing them. 


My client-focused hypnotherapy includes visualisation of internal bodily processes and functions, with everything working well and efficiently within the client's body.  It takes about an hour per session to review the basic functions of daily living and to deliver the bespoke Clinical Hypnotherapy to the client.


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