Hypnotherapy Case Studies

Here are just a few examples of the work we do with clients at The Hitchin Hypnotherapy Practice...if you are looking for a case study relating to your particular problem please enquire, as we have hundreds of real cases we can discuss with you, whilst maintaining the confidentiality of our valued clients.

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

EMDR is a simple therapy which takes anything from one to eight sessions of about 2 hours each to achieve the required outcomes.  Using your eyes and stimulating mental processing, it can lead to amazing results...helping you initially to become desensitized to past traumatic memories and feelings about yourself, and then to reprocess how you feel and think about yourself positively in the situation that had once been experienced as traumatic.


We've used EMDR here at the Practice to help clients beat their fear of being sick, their fear of hospitals, blood and operations, their fear of flying, to remove the damage left behind by previous relationships, fear of heights, remove negative feelings associated with losing a loved one, negative feelings associated with being raped, to name but a few recent cases. 


If you feel that traumatic past life experiences have had a negative impact on who you are today, how you think and feel about yourself or someone in your past, and affect your level of happiness and contentment with your life, you are encouraged to enquire about EMDR. The Hitchin Hypnotherapy Practice are experts in effectively using EMDR to help clients like yourself be free from past trauma.




This very attractive young lady, under the age of 30 years, came to see me with panic symptoms, anxiety and trichotillomania, which is basically the compulsion to pull hair out.  This can be anywhere on the body, but for this client it was hair on her head.  The area she pulled was central around the middle parting area, and she was able to comb her hair over to disguise the large bald part in the centre of her crown.  She desperately wanted to stop pulling out her hair and had tried many different approaches and different pscyhotherapists.


She worked extremely hard with me and achieved her goal of stopping the hair pulling.  This was after about 10 hours of work together using clinical hypnosis, emotional freedom technique (EFT, or Tapping), and EMDR.  She found the tapping with her fingers on the top of her head and in the centre of her chest, the most helpful therapy to divert her attention away from her hair.  However, she found that focusing on the shame and guilt of her condition and disassociating herself from these strong feelings (EMDR), and practicing hypnosis almost daily which told her mind that she just didn't want to do it any more and had left the habit behind, were also extremely helpful.


Skin picking is another similar condition, which I have treated with similar approaches and techniques..again with positive outcomes.  See an example review from a client following treatment for skin picking...Testimonials page.




This young woman, mother of one little boy and wife to a very supportive husband, living locally in a Herts village, had suffered with emetophobia for around 15 years and had tried everything to get over it. Exposure therapy  had helped a little but she still panicked when anyone suggested illness or being sick. We used clinical hypnotherapy and NLP Scrambling to rid her of panic attacks and reduce her general anxiety, and after one two-hour session of scrambling her panic attacks had ceased to exist.  We then used clinical hypnotherapy and a method called Sedona to help her to let go of the fear in readiness for Eye Movement De-Sensitisation  and Reprocessing (EMDR).  EMDR is powerful and can be hard work for both therapist and client, but this client was prepared to work hard, and successfully achieved letting go of the fear she had felt protected her from being sick.  Within a day or so, it was clear that the fear was gone, and although she is still trying to get used to life without it, she is very happy and feels free to enjoy her life.


Another lady who came for treatment to eliminate her emetophobia, recently emailed a month after her treatment to say 'Just to let you know I had my first real life test last weekend!  I was on a hen do and sharing a room with 3 other girls, one of whom was sick. I was fine with it, didn't panic, just thought it was horrid!  Looks like you have cured me!!! :-)"

Lady in her 50s suffering with severe HOT FLUSHES


This client responded to a social media advert about the proven benefits of using hypnotherapy for reducing the effects of hot flushes during the menopause.  After an initial in-depth consultation, we agreed to work together to reduce the impact of her hot flushes, reduce her general anxiety, increase her feelings of self-control and confidence.

During the first session we used an NLP Pattern Interrupt called "Scrambling" which requires two conditions to be in place, to work effectively.  Firstly, there needs to be a regular pattern of cognitive and physiological triggers or symptoms and secondly the client needs to be able to 'associate' with each one strongly (i.e. really feel the symptom). This is often used successfully in the treatment of panic attacks and here at The Hitchin Hypnotherapy Practice we use this frequently and with great results. After just one session of Scrambling followed by a full body parts relaxation hypnotherapy, she reported the following:  "My hot flushes are really odd - have had no palpitations or feeling unable to breathe since I left you.  I still get feelings of heat, but it's as though it has nowhere to go.  The sweating is reduced too!  I had a client meeting today and although I felt warm part way through it was much more manageable and I felt in control!"  Having established that her symptoms followed a pattern, that appeared to be pretty much repeated each time she had a 'flush' I hypothesized that treating hot flushes as panic attacks and using this amazingly powerful technique, would yield positive "quick win" results for my client.  I am excited about working with her further for the remaining 4 sessions in her treatment plan and will update this article in the near future.  I am now seeking more menopausal women suffering regularly from hot flushes to apply this technique and help them feel more in control. (August 2015).

Gentleman aged 55 Bedford - Quit Smoking


This client is 55 years of age, male, runs his own business in a Bedfordshire Town.   He came to us because he wanted to give up smoking - he has smoked for most of his life… since about the age of 16.  He explained his relationship with cigarettes and his smoking habit during a 20 minute consultation about smoking. After interviewing him, we had a separate session using Cognitive Behavioural hypnotherapy and Aversion Therapy over a period of about an hour.  The script used focuses on being a ‘non-smoker’ and repeats this expression many times to embed the suggestion that the client is now a non-smoker.  This client was smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day and could "drain a cigarette in less than two minutes" due to the strength of his draw and his requirement for a good "hit" of nicotine.  He has not smoked a cigarette since the date of the hypnotherapy in January 15.  He has saved £60 p.w. which has been used for many family treats and holidays.  He was offered more follow up sessions in case this would help him but he said this was not necessary as he had no cravings after the first few days whilst the nicotine left his system.  As at November 19th, this client has still not smoked a cigarette.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Female – early 30’s 


This lady has been suffering for many years with IBS and it has caused her considerable embarrassment and pain and discomfort.  She was not able to eat certain foods or drink any alcohol without significant repercussions for many days to come.  She was always worried about where the toilet was and whether she would have an emergency situation to deal with.  She was provided with Coach Me Well Insight followed by two sessions of Hypnotherapy.  She will be continuing with Hypnotherapy through to July this year when a significant event is taking place.  Already her pain and her nausea have gone and we are now left with one other symptom to address.  Her stress levels are much less and she has been taught how to trigger her anchor of a calm and relaxing place to go to in her mind when life is stressful.  During the first session we removed the offending germ from her abdomen using a symbolic surgical technique using imagery and she reported feeling lighter.  Much research into IBS has been carried out and another session has been scheduled.   This will take her through a journey of her digestive system and will include relaxation, calm and ego-strengthening.  This case study will be updated as more information comes to light.

Weight Loss and Removing unhelpful eating habits - Female 51

This lady is from Luton and is a small business owner.  She was over 14 stones and 5' 8" tall.  She came to The Hitchin Hypnotherapy Practice for help with losing weight and to remove some of the unhelpful eating habits she had adopted since early childhood.

Following a discussion about the problems the client was facing with weight loss it was agreed that she would go on the Coach Me Well Programme for Sustained Weight Loss and Well-Being.  As part of this multi-component programme, hypnotherapy was provided and this was at the end of her treatment plan. Coach Me Well up to the point of the hypnotherapy intervention, resulted in her losing weight and starting to exercise on a regular basis but she still craved sweets and cakes on a daily basis and this was holding her back in terms of maintaining a healthy weight.  It was discovered that sweets and cake had significant childhood memories associated with safety and happiness.   Sweets and cake in adulthood were still able to elicit these feelings and therefore she had found these difficult to give up or even reduce in terms of quantity.

The hypnotherapy used for this client focused on sweet foods and removing the craving for these.  It also focused on eating like a gourmet, eating mindfully, using smaller portions, eating until full and then stopping, and not eating in between meals.  It included a lot of imagery of the client's perfect body and envisioning hunger removing excess fat and weight from the body so that the client would feel good about being hungry in between meals.  This was delivered in mid-January 2015; the client now eats small plates of food, and when she reaches for something ‘sweet’ she sees in her mind’s eye, her ‘perfect body’ and finds the motivation to achieve that greater than the desire for the sweets, biscuits or cakes.  In fact whenever the client does eat cake, it’s a very thin slice – almost a slither, and this is about 1/8 of what she would have eaten before.  She also takes time to eat her meals alone with no distractions and savours the colours, flavours and aromas of the food.  She has replaced coffee with water and has reported many health benefits from being fitter, slimmer and more hydrated.   The health and weight management benefits continue to be enjoyed by this client in November 2015 and in September 2016, this client continues to eat a healthy diet and has lost a further stone in weight in the last year.










Acute Anxiety connected to not trusting boyfriends to be faithful - Female 23


This lovely young lady from Hertfordshire came to see me because of acute anxiety and suicidal thoughts connected to the idea of her boyfriend being unfaithful to her.  In no other situations is she suffering from anxiety and her boyfriend has shown no inclination towards this feared behaviour - in fact, he is very reassuring and makes her feel as secure as possible. On investigation we found that there was a sequence of events initiated by a negative thought which seemed to play out each time she was not the main focus of his attention.  For her first session, following detailed investigation of the triggers and feelings and behaviours, we used "Scrambling" , a therapeutic technique which involves associating with the events that take place during an 'attack' and then scrambling the order of the events and increasing the speed at which the client has to associate with each feeling or thought or behaviour.   After a fairly considerable amount of time we managed to get her to the point of NOT being able to associate with any of the feelings involved, and when we forward paced to a future scenario, she was not able to identify with the initial destructive thought pattern.  We saw this as a good step forward. We have agreed to investigate Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - aka 'Tapping' - at her next session, and I am considering using some hypnotherapy with her for the remainder of the hour.  I am very pleased with the progress of this first session, and hope to hear positive updates from her before her next session.  (May 2015).




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