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For over 20 years, Jo has been working to support her clients to live a life that is more calm, relaxed and confident. She has worked with individual clients and groups teaching relaxation techniques, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and hypnotherapy.

Jo is a compassionate, caring woman who listens to her clients needs and tailors treatments to suit them individually. She also provides information about self-care and encourages her clients to practise regularly to support their treatments.

Jo is easy to talk to and is dedicated to helping her clients get the most out of their lives as possible. As one of her clients said recently “… I always feel good after seeing you!”

Today’s life can be hectic and stressful and with the addition of the constraints and concerns Covid-19 has added, it is very common for people to experience episodes of stress, anxiety or even panic attacks.

There are times when we feel we could do with more confidence and the ability to think more positivity. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve these more creative ways of thinking, leading to a more fulfilled life.

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Weight Management

We offer a well-established and successful five-week programme; with full consultation, hypnotherapy treatments, MP3s, guidance for self-care, additional supportive techniques and strategies to help your journey to the changes you wish to make as comfortable as possible.


Fears, phobias and unwanted habits/behaviours

Our lives can often be held back by fears, phobias and unwanted behaviours. By releasing these patterns of behaviour, we can regain control and make the very best of our lives. 

Hypnotherapy is a quick and effective way to achieve your desires.

Jo has been working with women and their partners for over 30 years, supporting them through conception, pregnancy and birth. Her work as an NCT antenatal teacher and hypnobirthing practitioner along with the mind and body therapies she offers means she can work with you through your journey to parenthood.

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